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Esters in a Virgin Olive Oil

Column: MEGA-SE52 – 0.32mm, 0.10µm, 10 + 2m
Catalog Code: GAP-SE52-032-010-10-2
(2m of integrated built-in deactivated Retention Gap)

Injection: Cold on-Column, 1 µL of n-Heptane or Isoctane Solution.
Detector: FID, 350°C.
Oven Temp.: 80°C (1min), 20°C/min, 220°C, 5°C/min, 335°C (isothermal).
Carrier Gas: Helium or Hydrogen at the optimal linear speed for the carrier gas chosen.

1+1’. C40 Esters
2+2’. C42 Esters
3+3’. C44 Esters
4+4’. C46 Esters