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USP 467 Residual Solvents (OVIs)

Column: MEGA-624 FAST – 0.10mm, 0.45µm, 10m
Catalog Code: F-624-010-045-10

Injection: Split 250°C, 0.5 mL with gas syringe, 1:100 Split Ratio.
Sample: Headspace of a residual solvent mix, hold 45min @ 80°C.
Detector: FID, 250°C.
Oven Temp.: 35°C, 15°C/min, 100°C.
Carrier Gas: Hydrogen, 0.4 mL/min.

1. Methylene chloride
2. Chloroform

3. Benzene
4. 1,1,1-trichloroethylene
5. 1,4-dioxane