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low bleeding, silphenylene based MS phase

– Apolar stationary phase.
– Crossbonded.
– USP classification: G27, G36, G41.
– Temperature limits: up to 360°C
This column is also available with integrated built-in retention gap technology

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Equivalent / Alternative to

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DB-5 ms (UI), Rtx-5 Sil ms, SLB-5 ms, ZB-5 ms

Help with ordering

To place an order or request a quote, we need to know which stationary phase, internal diameter, film thickness and length you are interested in.

To generate a catalog code for MEGA-5 MS Xil columns you have to start with: “MS-5XIL-ID-FT-L” (so, for example, the MEGA-5 MS Xil – 0.25mm x 0.50micron x 30m have “MS-5XIL-025-050-30” catalog code).

You can choose between 5″ or 7″ cage dimensions. Add “-5IN” or “-7IN” at the end of the catalog code if you need to specify the column cage dimension (for example “MS-5XIL-025-050-30-5IN” for a 5″ column).


Email us at info@mega.mi.it

        *: the temperature range may change depending on the stationary phase film thickness.